Parabellum the Game


Parabellum combines strategy, tactics and multiplayer action.
Launching very soon...


-„There are so many great ideas in this multiplayer shooter, that we're getting dizzy... Acony is working on it's debut title - and it already impressed us with a preview version. If you mix the chase-mechanics of Scotland Yard, the anti-terror team of Counter-Strike and the action of Black, you get a vague impression of what they are working on.“-
Official Xbox-Magazine


-„It's already clear in this early state: Parabellum has what it takes to be an action blockbuster. ...tons of spectacular visual effects.“-
Computer-BILD-Spiele 09/2006

-„The first presentation deeply impressed us. Parabellum aims to take the throne ...and the game made in Black Forest has potential to do so!“-
PC Games 09/2006

-„...a new, exciting concept... It's time for something new. Something like Parabellum.“-
Gamestar 09/2006

-„…in contrast to almost every other multiplayer shooter, players are not bound to a limited environment. You are constantly on the move while blasting New York City to dust and ashes. Crazy! ...visually damn impressive.“-
PC ACTION 08/2006.

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